Program Yoga-Health Management (YHM)

Our program is developed for compagnies with great care for their employees’ well-being on both a physical and a psychological level.

Our YHM- program supports compagnies in reaching their main goal, i.e. a high profitability through investment in their employees, and this even more so in difficult times. Investing in your Human Resources not only leads to a decrease of absenteeism, but also to a higher retention.

Our program provides a large spectrum of advantages for each individual, such as :

      • A better comprehension of ones’s personal health.
      • Stress prevention and increase of professional surplus value.
      • Prevention and/or treat of R.S.l (Repetitive Strain injury) and burn-out.
      • Management oÍ chronic health conditions such as lower backpain or migraine.
      • Reduction of anxiety and oÍ muscle tension.
      • lncreased strength and flexibility, slower ageing process.

Classes are taught according to the system of B.K.S. lyengar, a quality label for a justified form of yoga practice. The emphasis on a correct anatomical alignment has confirmed the therapeutical aspects of yoga.

Many compagnies see the benefits of yoga, recognising that relaxed workers are healthier, happier and more creative.


Set-up : lnitiation class, followed by a series of ten or more classes.

Duration : 75 minutes during lunch time

Frequency : Once a week

Languages : English, French, Dutch

Teacher  : Isabelle Desmet

  • Certified lyengar Teacher (Junior 1) BKS Iyengar Institute Amsterdam.
  • Certifed Iyengar Yogateacher at Iyengar Yoga Zeeburg, Intermediate Jubior 1(2015) , studying with Berber Schönholzer.

Training  :

  • BKS lyengar lnstitute, Pune, lndia (2006);
  • Christian Pisano, Nice, Fr.
  • Weekly yoga classes at  » Urban Platform  » , Rue du Mail, 50, 1050 Brussels.
  • Weekly yoga classes at « SRB, Treurenberg 22,1049 Brussels.
  • Evening classes at the Iyengar Yoga Studio, Rue Jean D’Ardenne 50,1050 Brussels
  • Summer Workshops in Labro, Italy


Contact us for more info via mail or telephone 0497 509 441